Version 4.4 Notes

    Many changes have taken place in the new V4.4.

    All genetics are now server side

    Pets no longer sleep

    70+ fish have been retired

    All but a few of the old genetics have been retired and replaced by all new genetics you can only get from breeding and starter packs

    Birthing and Updating speeds increased

    Eyes & Fins now have the chance for additional shades

    Bubbles now preload texture

    Read the V4.4 release notes for full details.

               Pet Peddler Breedables

Pet Peddler Breedables enjoys bringing virtual pets to your Second Life® world. We all know how demanding real life pets can be. Virtual pets in Second Life® allows you to have many different pets and be able to enjoy the raising and breeding of those pets without the worry and high maintenance costs associated with real life. We hope you enjoy our virtual fish along with the many other breedables Second Life® has to offer. Please feel free to contact me in world with user name "Fisher Mode" or join our Product Updates group by going to search and searching for Pet Peddlers - Product Updates. You can ask questions or bring an issue to our attention for us to take a look at.

Please be sure to read our Terms of Service (TOS) and our manual before you start. Many questions can be answered in the manual without the help of others. If you still are confused or just don't see what you are looking for, jump into the Product Updates group and ask away. Either a Pet Peddlers CSR or other breeder will be glad to assist you.

For support issues that are unable to be corrected via the support group please file a ticket and we will respond within 72 hours.

Info Center

  • Pet Peddler Manuals
    Learn about our breedable fish and how they work. This manual will cover all areas of how your fish work and breed.
  • Pet Peddler TOS
    Please read our Terms of Service agreement prior to purchasing or breeding our breedable fish. The TOS is setup to protect both creator and end user.
  • Pet Peddler Pet Care
    Learn the basics of caring for your fish. While they are simple to maintain and care for this brief article may give you some good tips and tricks for problem free fish breeding.
  • Genetic Lists
    Here you will find a full list of all genetic traits available to be breed for. Eyes, Fins, Bubbles, Bubble Colors, Shades and special traits.
  • Pet Peddler Breeds List
    You will find a list of all breeds available including predators. We will be getting pictures of each breed posted along with the breed name.
  • Advanced Chat Commands
    Here you will find a full list advanced chat commands along with what they do and how to use them.
  • Pet Peddlers Fish API Info
    This article will give you the api info for the fish. We use the Description of the fish for the info, this will break it down for you and explain what each part is.
  • Pet Peddlers Grid Percentage
    The grid percentage system is designed to allow you to search a single criteria or by using multiple criteria to get a more precise percentage. What this means is you can search for just an eye, fin, breed, shade and so on or you can search a combination of all the different genetics.
  • Pet Peddlers Shop Locater
    The shop locater system is designed to allow users to post their shops and stalls to our website and allow others to easily locate their sales areas.